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Scopus User Guide

This is an introduction to the different features in the Scopus database.

Author Search Tutorial

Author Details

Viewing author details

The Author Details page provides information about authors who have more than one document matched to them in Scopus. The information includes the author's unique identifier number, contact details, affiliation, publishing history, subject areas of interest, and research information. You can see the reference list, the articles that cite the author's work, and set citation alerts from the right panel.

To view an Author Details page, run an Author search, and then click the author's name. You can then perform any of these tasks:

   1 View an author's documents      6 Find co-authors
   2 Evaluate an author's performance (h Index, citations)      7 Request corrections to author details 
   3 Find and group potential author matches      8 Email author details
   4 Set up an RSS feed/email alert for an author      9 Print author details
   5 Track author citations    10 Return to the results list
  *From Scopus Help files


The screen shot below is of the Author Details page. The numbers correspond to the tasks above. 

The Scopus h-graph

The h-graph displays the h index for a single author, multiple authors, or a group of selected documents. The h index is based on the highest number of papers included that have had at least the same number of citations. Note:The h-index considers Scopus documents published after 1995.

You can view the h-index in the following formats:

Maps and Directions