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Dissertation & Thesis Formatting

Library Thesis/Dissertation Appointment (required)

Prior to his or her defense, each student in the Graduate College and College of Health Sciences must meet with the Dissertation/Thesis Coordinator. During this meeting, the Coordinator will review format and style requirements and inform you of necessary paperwork to be completed for graduation.

For an appointment, please contact:

Sandra Wenner, MLS, JD

Please review the online Rush Guide (or print and review the PDF guide provided below) prior to scheduling an appointment.

ProQuest form (required)


This manual is a general guide for graduate students preparing master’s theses and doctoral dissertations at Rush University.

Proquest publishes all theses and dissertations in the database Dissertations & Theses @ Rush University, which is accessible to all Rush employees, faculty, and students. Abstracts are published in Proquest Dissertations & Theses automatically (embargo options available). Theses and dissertations are available for purchase by individuals or institutions outside Rush University, unless otherwise specified by the author. All theses and dissertations will be microfilmed, bound, and cataloged and made available for lending.

The graduate degree is awarded only after the completed thesis or dissertation and other required documents have been submitted to the Library. Please schedule appointments in the required timeframes. During this meeting, we will review format and style requirements and inform you of necessary paper work to be completed for graduation. A printed copy is required for this review.

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