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Computers, Printing, & Scanning

Printing from Library and METC workstations

The computer workstations located on the 5th floor of the Library of Rush University Medical Center send their print jobs to a print station located near the printer. It is not possible to print from workstations located on the 7th floor of the library.

How to print from a library workstation:

  1. From the Library work station, choose Print within your internet browser window or from within the open PDF file, if printing from a PDF.
  2. Note the number on the sticker attached to your workstation's monitor. This is the name of your workstation.
  3. Proceed to the print station.
  4. Near the print station is a copy card reader. Insert your copy card into the reader. The reader's status should tell you how much money is currently on your card.
  5. The print station displays a list of each workstation with pending print jobs. Find your workstation's name in the list and double-click it. Your print jobs should be listed.
  6. Select each print job you want to print by clicking on it once. You may pay for multiple print jobs at the same time.
  7. Click Print.
  8. The print station will display a confirmation with the total cost of your print job(s). Click Print to confirm. The copy card reader will eject your card once it has been debited.

Remember to take your copy card and your printed material. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen copy cards or print jobs.

Photocopy Services

Purchasing Copy Cards

Photocopying and printing requires the use of a copy card. Copy cards can be purchased at the Service Desk located on the 5th floor of the Library or from card dispensers. Card dispensers are located on the column located near the computer work stations on the 5th floor and on the 7th floor.

Copy cards cost $1.00. This is a non-refundable charge. The card has no value when first purchased. Card Dispensers will add value to the cards in increments of whole dollar amounts. Staff at the service desk can add value in lesser amounts. The charge for copying is $0.10 per copy. Copy cards purchased in the Library can also be used for photocopying and printing from Library public workstations. They will also work in the METC, and with the photocopier located in Student Affairs. Copy cards can also be obtained with a fund or cost center number. Authorized personnel may obtain a copy card by filling out a form at the Library Service Desk. Copy cards cannot be issued to you without your valid fund or cost center number. Check with your fund or cost center administrator to see if you qualify. Upon entering a residency program at Rush University Medical Center, residents obtain a copy card through the GME office. These cards are not transferable.

Location of Photocopiers

Library photocopiers are located on the 5th floor across from the service desk and on the 7th floor. Only the 5th floor photocopier has a document feeder.

A photocopier is also located in Student Affairs. There are no photocopiers in the METC.

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