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Attaching Full Text

Covidence provides the opportunity for you to manually attach a PDF of the full text to each citation fthat "passed" the title/abstract screening.  While it is not necessary to do so, Covidence provides this functionality so that all reviewers have the full text immediately available to them.  This also ensures that all reviewers are screening the same version of the article.  However, PDFs do need to be individually located and manually attached.

If you already have an electronic copy of the article, simply click "Add Full Text" next to the appropriate citation, then select the PDF.

If you need to locate the articles, it is often easiest to find the articles (and accompanying full text) in Google Scholar.  This keeps you from having to check various databases to find which one has each article. To do this:

  • you must have an account in Google (the same one you use for Google Docs, gmail, etc.)
  • you must connect Google Scholar to your Rush subscriptions
  • go into Google Scholar and locate the citation.  It often helps to put the title in quotes so that the search engine does not break up that phrase. 
  • if there is a PDF freely available, it will be in the right column.  Download the PDF.
  • if accessing the PDF requires a Rush subscription, click the two arrows at the end of the citation.  This will open up a link to "Get It @ Rush."  Follow the steps to full text then download the PDF.
  • go back into Covidence, find the appropriate citation, and click Attach Full Text.  It will allow you to attach the PDF.

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