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Clinical Nutrition

This guide provides an overview of resources and search strategies for clinical nutrition research.

About Scopus

Scopus is a large abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and web sources. It includes:

  • over 75 million citations, many with links to full text
  • 25,000 different journals from 5000 publishers, including open source
  • 5.5 million conference papers (proceedings and journals)
  • includes over 95% of MEDLINE citations

Getting Started

 Search Form

Below is the Scopus search screen. Enter your first search term into the search field. If you have more than one concept to your search, select "Add Search Field" to add additional search fields, or conduct separate searches and combine them later using the "Search" button. 

Scopus does NOT have MeSH terms or other subject headings on which to search. 

Scopus defaults to searching an article's Title, Abstract and Keywords.  You can change this in Advanced (see the tab to the left for information on Advanced searching).


To find works by a particular author, choose "Authors."  There is more information about conducting author searches in the tabs to the left.

Using Advanced Search

On the Advanced search form, you can create a search using field codes, proximity operators, or boolean operators to narrow the scope of the search.

To create an advanced search, Click "Advanced Search" from the main search page

To search for keywords in an article's title or abstract, type in  TITLE-ABS before your search terms.  Be sure to use parentheses!  For example, this is correct:  (TITLE-ABS( children OR pediatrics))   but this is not correct:  TITLE-ABS children OR pediatrics

When doing a Boolean search, Scopus insists that parentheses be used correctly.  If you get a message about a Syntax Error, check your (( )).

Scopus needs Boolean operators (AND, OR) to be capitalized.  To exclude in Scopus, you must use AND NOT (not just 'NOT').


Maps and Directions