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ProQuest ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission

This is an overview of the ProQuest ETD, which is used to submit your thesis and/or dissertation.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Authors of master’s theses and dissertations assume full responsibility for use of any copyright material in their manuscripts. 


Include an unsigned copyright statement (see Appendix A) at the end of your thesis or dissertation.  Keep the originals of any permission letters (discussed below), as questions regarding permission to use copyrighted material may arise at a later date.  Copies of letters of permission must be submitted with the thesis or dissertation to ProQuest.

Reuse of Another Person’s Work

Obtain written permission to quote extensively or to reproduce tables, figures, graphs, or charts. The written permission should specifically authorize you to use and reproduce material. For unpublished, copyrighted material, obtain permission from the author(s). For published material, obtain permission from the publisher.

Further details regarding using copyrighted materials in a dissertation or thesis are available here:

Copyright and Thesis or Dissertation- A ProQuest Guide

Reuse of Your Own Work

If you have already published parts of your thesis or dissertation, or if your manuscript has been accepted for publication, it is highly likely that the publisher owns the copyright. Read your signed author agreement to determine if you have permission to use the material in your dissertation or thesis. If not, you will need to obtain written permission from the publisher to use the text and figures from these journal articles in your dissertation or thesis. 

Acknowledgement of Copyrighted Materials

Cite copyrighted materials in the reference list according to your chosen style manual. Where the copyrighted material appears in your manuscript, provide a full citation, and include the statement “______ [used/adapted] with permission of the _______ [publisher/ author].”

Copyright of Theses and Dissertations

When you complete the ProQuest Publishing Agreement you can request ProQuest to file a copyright application with the Library of Congress. This information is available in your ETD account. 

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