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ProQuest ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission

This is an overview of the ProQuest ETD, which is used to submit your thesis and/or dissertation.

ProQuest ETD and Library Binding Fees

Payment of any applicable fees must be made, in full, at your final approval meeting with the Dissertation/Thesis Coordinator. You will need to pay via the ProQuest ETD Administrator. ProQuest fees and library binding fees (optional) are detailed below.

ProQuest Fees

Publishing (choose one)

Descriptions of the available types of publishing are provided in your ProQuest ETD account. Click View Agreement next to the publishing option.

Publishing Options

Traditional Publishing:               Master's thesis:   $0               Doctoral dissertation:  $0

Open Access Publishing Plus:  Master's thesis:   $95             Doctoral dissertation:  $95


Copyright Registration (recommended)

ProQuest will apply for copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office, on your behalf, if desired. For more information visit the ProQuest website and read more under the section titled Optional Copyright Registration at Participating Institutions. You can read this explain of "Why Copyright?" provided by ProQuest.

Copyright registration handling and filing fee


Library Binding Fees (Optional)

Payment for any applicable fees below should be made in cash, credit/debit card, or personal check (payable to the Library of Rush University Medical Center).

Students who wish to purchase bound copies for their own keeping may do so at a cost of $20 each, plus shipping if you cannot pick them up from the library. Contact the Library's Technical Services Manager at (312) 942-2276 for information about this service. Other binding options include commercial printers or ProQuest. For each requested bound copy, you will need to provide a printed copy of your manuscript. 

If you want your own copy/copies, you will receive a hardcover, bound edition of your dissertation or thesis, 9x12, with printing on both spine and cover (space permitting).  Please bring:

  • copies of your work.  We do not print your document for you.  As this is for your own use, it can be on any type of paper but we highly recommend using high-quality rag paper.  Please bring as many copies as you plan to purchase (if you want two copies for yourself, please bring two sets of your work).
  • $20 per bound copy
  • shipping fees if you are not able to pick them up.  Shipping fees are determined by the package's destination and weight, and will be determined at your final appointment.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Library Binding

Please print your manuscript following the listed requirements for library binding.


  • Print on one side only
  • At least 25% rag content (a.k.a. cotton or high quality bond) paper. You can find this with the resume paper at any office supply store.
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 20 lb weight (recommended)


Maps and Directions