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ProQuest ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission

This is an overview of the ProQuest ETD, which is used to submit your thesis and/or dissertation.

Checklist of Procedures for Thesis and Dissertation

Checklist of Procedures Required Timeframe

File an Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar’s office. The Registrar’s office will send anticipated graduation letters to the Library.


Consult the academic calendar

Obtain copyright permission for any materials you plan to adapt or reuse. This includes any of your own work which you have already published or submitted for publication elsewhere.


Create your ProQuest ETD account, and review ProQuest ETD submission guidelines and user manual.

At least four weeks prior to defense

Submit your manuscript for review via the ProQuest ETD and be prepared to pay fees via credit card.  Library will review for format. At least six weeks before graduation.

After thesis/dissertation has been approved by your committee, obtain Committee Chair and Program Director signatures on the Degree Approval form.

After defense and prior to submitting scanned documents to Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator.

Email scanned documents to Jacqueline Walker at

  1. Signed approval page (for Registrar’s file)
  2. Signed abstract page (for Registrar’s file)
  3. Signed copyright statement (for Registrar’s file)



After the Rush Administrator reviews your manuscript, and no additional changes need to be made it will be submitted to ProQuest.

(Optional Manuscript Binding)

The Library will bind additional copies at the current rate ($20.00) if requested.  You must supply the copies (any kind of paper) for binding. Copies are bound as received.  The Library does not check copies for accuracy and does not provide authorized signatures for signature pages.  Please contact the Library Services Desk at (312) 942-5950 for more information.  You can also obtain bound copies via your ProQuest ETD account.  ProQuest provides different binding options which are explained in your ETD account.  There are other commercial binders who can provide this service.

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