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ProQuest ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission

This is an overview of the ProQuest ETD, which is used to submit your thesis and/or dissertation.

Step 1: Creating a ProQuest ETD Account

The first step is to create an ETD student account. You can create an account via this link or go to and select Rush University as your institution. You are able to save your information and return to your account at a later time.

Creating a ProQuest ETD Account

  1. The first step is to create your ProQuest ETD account.


Go to the ProQuest ETD website ( to create your account.



2. Click Log In in the top right corner of the ProQuest ETD website.

3. Click Log in and click on Student.

4. The Log in page will load. Click the Create new student account link.

5. Please complete all of the required fields on the new student account page and click Create to submit the form.

6. You will receive confirmation that your account was created.

7. You will be sent an email to confirm your account. Please check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not receive the confirmation email in your inbox. If you do not receive the confirmation contact ProQuest to create an account for you.

8. Now you are ready to login and begin the submission process.

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