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ProQuest ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission

This is an overview of the ProQuest ETD, which is used to submit your thesis and/or dissertation.

What is ETD?

ETD Administrator is a platform for students to submit their ETD (electronic thesis or dissertation) for publishing at ProQuest. Please refer to our ProQuest ETD submission guide or overview below. 

Overview of ETD Submission Process

Steps in the ETD Submission Process

ProQuest submission steps

  1. Student chooses "Submit Your Dissertation / Thesis"
  2. Student reads submission guidelines
  3. Student enters contact information
  4. Student enters thesis metadata (e.g. title, advisor, abstract, etc.)
  5. Student uploads full text
  6. Student chooses whether ProQuest will file copyright and enters additional data
  7. Student reviews order and enters data. This will show any copyright or publication fees charged
  8. Student reviews uploaded data and may revise if desired

How to submit your ETD

  1. Login to ProQuest Submission URL
  2. Fill out the form according to the instructions provided
  3. Preview and make certain all information is correct
  4. Browse and submit your ETD and associated multimedia files
  5. Select "Submit" to submit to the Graduate School
  6. You will see a web page indicating that your ETD arrived and awaits review
ProQuest Submission and Technical Questions

Requirements for Submitting the ETD

  • The document should appear in PDF format
  • No compression or password protection should be used
  • All fonts must be embedded in the document
  • External / Internal links to multimedia files should be identified in the Abstract
  • Use only acceptable file formats for multimedia files
  • ETD Options: (choose one)
    • Traditional (preferred)
    • Open Access (additional $95 cost)

Required Paper Documents for ETD Administrator

Submit the following documents to Sandra Wenner, Dissertation/Thesis Coordinator at

  • Signed approval page (for Registrar’s file)
  • Signed abstract page (for Registrar’s file)
  • Signed copyright statement (for Registrar’s file)

Cost: Payable by credit card at the time of submission

For Technical Assistance, you may contact ProQuest.

  • ProQuest phone =  1-877-408-5027
  • ETDSupport phone = 618-453-4014

Bound Copies

To order bound copies of your thesis/dissertation, please contact the Library Services Desk at (312) 942-5950.

If you are ordering bound copies from ProQuest, it may take a few months receive the copies.

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