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Copyright Resources

This page houses resources suggested by the Copyright AwarenessTeam

For Graduating Students

Are you a graduating student?  Do you need to publish a thesis or dissertation?   Read these guides for information on:

  • copyrighting your thesis or dissertation
  • using others' copyrighted works in your own thesis or dissertation

Copyright Options for Your Thesis or Dissertation

Congratulations!  As an author, your work is automatically under copyright protection as soon as it exists in "fixed form."  Additionally, ProQuest (the publisher used for dissertations and theses) offers to file for copyright for your work.  There is currently a $55 fee for this service.  Paying ProQuest to file for you does provide you with certain additional protections, such as possible greater financial reimbursement if a copyright infringement does occur, but you do NOT need to pay ProQuest to have your work protected by copyright laws. 

Use of Copyrighted Work in your Thesis or Dissertation

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