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Copyright Resources

This page contains resources suggested by the Copyright Awareness Team

Creative Commons Licensing

A creative commons license is a form of copyright that you will see often.  Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that offers free, easy to use copyright licenses.  They are widely accepted by the creative and publishing industries.  Some levels of licensing include:

  •  Attribution: one of the more liberal;  asking only that the creator be given credit
  •  ShareAlike:  if you make changes and copyright the new work yourself, use the same copyright clearance as the original
  •  NonCommercial:  the work cannot be used for commercial purposes
  •  NoDerivatives:  derivatives cannot be made

There are more levels of licensing available.  The goal here is to provide control over the reproducibility of your work, while allowing it to be used in ways you specify.  

For more information, the Creative Commons website is

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The examples below are from screenshots of PubMed Central articles, showing two examples of usages of a Creative Commons license.


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