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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide

Legacy RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks is what we call the older version of RefWorks.  Legacy Refworks is still fully functional, but ProQuest came out with a newer version of RefWorks in 2017.  Many people still successfully use Legacy RefWorks. A guide to using that version of RefWorks can be found here:

Which Version Should I Use?

These questions will help you determine when (or if) you should start using the new blue RefWorks.

  • Are you a current user who is finishing a project currently in Legacy?   Stick with Legacy.
  • Are you a new user with no RefWorks account set up yet?   Go for New.
  • Are you about to start a project?   Start your new project in New.


  • If you have a project going in Legacy, don't start using New FOR THAT PROJECT.  
  • You CAN have accounts in both Legacy and New.

Does this mean that you might want to keep working in Legacy while you complete a project, and also have an account open in New for newer projects?  Yes, you can do that.

Maps and Directions