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RefWorks: ProQuest RefWorks User Guide


There are three options for using RefWorks to do in-text citations.  

  • Write-n-Cite requires users to install a plug-in.  You can then insert citations with just a few steps. Write-n-Cite works with Word 2013 and earlier.
  • RefWorks Citation Manager works on Word 2016.  If you have a Mac and Word 2016 you must use Citation Manager. 
  • Google Docs allows you to add in-text citations as well.


Write-N-Cite is a utility that allows users to create in-text citations in Microsoft Word.  With Write-N-Cite, you can cite references in a manuscript with just a click and watch your paper format instantly including in-text citations, footnotes and your bibliography.  The utility installs a RefWorks tab in the MS Word ribbon or you can access it from the References tab in Microsoft Word.

RefWorks Citation Manager

Use RefWorks Citation Manager if you are using Word 2016.  The above tutorial walks you through installation and using it.

Google Docs

To install the ProQuest RefWorks add-on:

1. In new RefWorks, go to the "more" icon (the three dots) and click on Tools.

2. Scroll down until you see "Cite in Google Docs".  Click "Get the Add-on" and follow those steps. You are now ready to do in-text citations!


Doing in-text citations in Google Scholar with new RefWorks

1.  Go into your Google Doc and click on Add-Ons, then ProQuest RefWorks, then Manage Citations.  You may be asked to log in to RefWorks, or to allow Google permission to sync with RefWorks (click "yes").

2. A  box will appear to the right.  Click on the drop-down arrow by "All references" to get access to your folders.  Click the appropriate folder and your citations will appear.

3. Put your cursor in your document where you want the in-text citation.  Go to the citation and click "Cite this."  

A bibliography in your chosen style is automatically created. To change the citation style, click the grey gear icon in the upper right corner.

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