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Using Filters in PubMed

There are many ways to refine your search results in the PubMed database, including patient age or sex, article type, and publication year. The Filters column, located on the left side of the search results page, displays only a few of these limiting options by default.

Editing the Filter Column

To add more filter categories (e.g., Languages) to the column, click Show additional filters. In the pop-up window, check the box next to each filter category you wish to add to the Filters column, and click Show.


Within certain filter categories, only the most commonly used filters are displayed. For example, only Clinical Trials and Review are listed under the category Article Typesbut there are over 70 different article types to choose from in PubMed! To add more specific filters to a category display, click More beneath that category header. Check the box next to each filter you wish to add to the left-hand column, and click Show.

Keep in mind, this adds filters to the Filters column, but does not apply the filters to your search.


Filtering a Search

To apply filters to a search, click on each desired filter, one at a time, in the Filters column. Once selected, filters are displayed in bold, blue font.

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