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What can My NCBI do for me?

My NCBI is a free account that PubMed users can create to keep their research organized.  In the account, users can store search strategies they have created on specific topics.  Users can also store Collections.  Collections are groups of specific citations that a user wishes to keep indefinitely.  Collections can be edited at any time.  My NCBI recent search histories are saved for up to six months allowing the user to return to the search if necessary.

My NCBI Tutorials

Adding Rush's Get It button to My NCBI

Are you ever mystified by why our Get It button is only present in PubMed some of the time? If you do not access PubMed via the Library's homepage, you might notice that the Get It @ Rush button is not always provided for each citation.

Unlike databases like Ovid or Scopus, PubMed does not verify your identity as a Rush user by monitoring the IP address that you access it from.  If you use My NCBI, you can permanently add our Get It button to your search results while logged in, regardless of how you reach PubMed.  Follow the steps below to create a My NCBI account.


Log in to your My NCBI account, and Click My NCBI​

Click NCBI Site Preferences



You will be brought to this screen.  Click Outside Tool.


Pick Rush University from the list.


Click Save (all the way at the bottom of the list).


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