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Guide to the Basics

A brief overview of the resources available at the Library of Rush University Medical Center


Rush subscribes to over 9,000 academic journals, all of which are available electronically. You can find articles from these eJournals by searching for the specific journal via the purple "eJournals" tab on our homepage, or by searching within a database.


Why look for a specific journal?  Aren't all the articles in the databases?

No, every published article is not automatically included in the major databases.  Searching in a specific publication will yield a smaller set of results that is fine-tuned to the subject of the journal.


As a Rush affiliate, you have access to eBooks through many sources.  You can access eBooks by searching for

  • a specific book (use the orange eBooks tab)
  • a subject
    • Search the catalog, using the red catalog tab on our homepage.To limit to eBooks only, click "electronic books" under the heading "Genre" in the right hand column.
    • Browse our eBook databases. Click "All databases" in the Quick Links box. In the Database Types drop-down menu, select eBooks.

What about print?

What if I want something in print?  Do you have actual books and magazines?

Yes we do.  You can find those by using the red Catalog tab.  Do a search and you will see that you can limit your results by format to Book or Journal/Magazine.  In addition, Rush belongs to a consortium of academic libraries that allows us to request items for you, if you need something that we do not have on hand.

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