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Library Bytes

3 bytes of Library news you can use.

Things to keep in mind (Spring 2016)

Three Bytes of Library News You Can Use

1. Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD)  IS NOT IShare

These are two different systems. Here at the library, IShare and Interlibrary loan (ILLIAD) are not interchangeable. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD) is a great option to request PDFS for book chapters and articles. Books from Interlibrary loan (ILLIAD) can not be renewed online, ever. Please stop by the library to speak to the Interlibrary Loan Department about renewals. Borrowing time for ILL books varies.

Do not remove band that is placed on your ILL books. It is there for a reason!



In contrast, IShare has a universal borrowing system among 85 academic institutions in the state of Illinois.

Books requested from IShare can be renewed online for up to 3 renewals. Borrowing time for IShare books is 4 weeks. 


2. Your library account matters!

Did you know that your Rush library account expires? Students, faculty and staff must update their library registrations.  An expired account can impact your access to IShare, Rush, and Interlibrary Loan materials. 

3. Need more info on a particular journal?

Is this journal peer reviewed? Which databases index this journal? Ulrich's Periodical Directory provides comprehensive information on publications and journals. It includes publisher information, indexing and abstracting sources, journal title history, reviews, and more. Search by journal title, ISSN, or keywords. Select "View Details" in order to explore journal/publication information.


Key symbols in Ulrich's Periodical Directory:

      Table of Contents available

      Peer Reviewed/Referred 

      Electronic/Online Format

     Open Access


It's true! (Fall 2015)

Three Bytes of Library News You Can Use

1. New Journal Metrics Guide!

Need to determine your H-Index? Trying to determine in which journal to publish? Our Journal Metrics guide will clear up the mystery surrounding journal metrics like the Eigenfactor and Impact Factor and will guide you through the scholarly metrics features on Journal Citation Reports, Scopus, Google Scholar, and Ulrich’s Periodical Directory.

2. Be a PubMed Ninja

…or whatever kind of research ninja you wish to be. CINAHL, PsycInfo, Google Scholar, you name it!

Meet with a Searching Sensei (a.k.a. librarian) individually or in a small group to hone your searching skills. We guarantee you’ll leave with literature for that pesky project you’re working on.

3. I-Share: Textbooks, and movies, and cookbooks… oh my!

As a registered user at the Library of Rush University Medical Center, you can borrow books, eBooks, movies, and audiobooks from over 80 libraries in I-Share. Requested materials are delivered to Rush (or any I-Share library of your choosing) in 3 to 5 business days. It’s crazy convenient!

To search the I-Share catalog, simply click on the red Catalog tab on our homepage and change the right-hand drop-down menu to All I-Share Libraries. For assistance, stop by the Library Services Desk or call (312) 942-5950.

It's true! (Spring 2015)

Three Bytes of Library News You Can Use

Cool new toys for you! Seriously. Now go play.

1. VisualDX- thanks to your enthusiastic feedback we have it. No more "trial basis blah, blah, blah." There are mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. Yay.

2. ClinicalKey- this point-of-care information tool adds many journals to our digital collection and much, much more. It's so mobile friendly you don't even need to download an app. Nice.

3. Fresh mobile resources (apps) page- It features the latest clinical applications. We sought out mobile tools that would be appealing to our RUMC community. You're welcome.


Click titles above or scroll down for details

Lots and lots of mostly helpful, sometimes pretty pictures . . .






VisualDx: Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy, Improving Care

VisualDX is a web-based visual decision
support tool, merging medical images with
a problem-oriented findings-based search.



Integrated with UpToDate
Free mobile apps for iPad,
iPhone and Andoid devices

Get the mobile app    Watch the video overview



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 Oh the things you can do with ClinicalKey! Click on any orange box. 


Click here to download the slick flyer explaining all the fabulous features   

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Mobile resources page revised!

What type of mobile app are you looking for?

Explore the new mobile resources page featuring clinical applications. We sought out mobile tools that would be appealing to our RUMC community. If you’ve discovered an app that eclipses the capabilities of something we have listed and it’s free or nearly free- tell us about it!

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It's true! (Fall 2014)

3 Bytes of Library News You Can Use

The revised Librarian Assisted Search request form is
as short and sweet as can be . . .

“New” web browsing options on the Library computers

The Library Annual Report 2013 is accessible online

Click titles above or scroll down for details

We cut it in half!

Well . . . not strictly by the math . . .
The Librarian Assisted Search request form
is as short and sweet as can be.

There are 16 fewer items on the new form for requesting a Librarian Assisted Search. This is definitely an improvement. Did you know we do this for people? We do indeed.

Take a look here or use the link found above the chat box with the smiley face on the
Library home page.

How refreshing, web browsers from the 21st century

There are new web browsing options on the Library computers.

It seems we've wanted this for so long. Library computers now feature Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Of course you can still use I.E. if you want. The Library enlisted the help of RUMC Information Services Department to be able to offer these contemporary browsing options. Once again, we are doing a tiny happy dance . . .

The Library Annual Report 2013 is accessible online

As many as 26 people are responsible for providing the services and resources the Library and the McCormick Educational Technology Center offer. You may be surprised by that number. As academic health sciences libraries go we are small- but we are mighty! And we are proud to serve the RUMC community.


It's true! (Winter 2014)

Three Bytes of Library News You Can Use

Gleefully expanding your access to digital content!
a.k.a. bringing you a new boatload of full text online


1. More than 700 new journal titles are now available online,
     all at no additional cost to the Rush University Library

2. Download 29,000 plus ebook titles in the humanities and social sciences
      via the EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) Pilot Project

3. The majestic green button is the key to full text e-journal articles


 Click titles above or scroll down for details

734 new journal titles!

The full text of 734 more journals is immediately downloadable.

Two EBSCOhost databases bring the new content to the library website:

  • Academic Search Complete delivers 411 of the new titles. View the list here.
  • CINAHL Complete provides 323 of the new titles. View the list here.

The expanding number of electronic journal titles Rush University Library provides access to has grown to a total of 8285.

How is this possible?
Grant money from CARLI and the state of Illinois-

The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) serves 96% of Illinois higher education students, faculty, and staff at 140 member institutions through the sharing of collections, expertise, and programs. CARLI libraries work together to maximize access to materials as subscription prices continue to rise while most library budgets do otherwise.

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Download 29,000 plus e-book titles in the social sciences and humanities . . .

Whoa. Another reason to love The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois.


CARLI has launched an EBL eBook Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) Pilot Project to provide over 29,000 ebook titles in the humanities and social sciences to the Library of Rush University and over 80 other I-Share libraries. Click here for details on how it works and what to do.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Ebooks will have a 7 day “loan” period.
  • You may view the book’s content online, or you may download it, or print parts of it.
  • The ebook texts are searchable.
  • There is no limit on the number of users who may use a book simultaneously; however, these eBooks should not be used for local course reserves.
  • CARLI will actually purchase titles after 9 short loans have occurred. [Before that, the ebooks are not owned by CARLI or  the Library of Rush University.]
  • For a complete list of titles go to the EBL eBook Pilot Project and select Rush University from the menu. You will be promted for your library proxy account.

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The key to full text ejournal articles:

Databases make it possible to search for journal articles according to subject or topic, even author. Citations and abstracts are ultimately what they provide. Once you've found a promising citation for a journal article, then what?

If you're using a database provided by our library- look for the green button. The green button is your friend. Other buttons promising free full text are known for being slippery or down right false. "Access Full Text Free!" doesn't mean it's the full text you wanted. Or "Access Full Text Free!" if you spend half an hour signing up for a 1 month free trial and you provide a credit card number. So cruel . . . we know.

Ignore those other buttons- just click on "Get It @ RUSH." Did we mention it's the green one?

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