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Scopus User Guide

This is an introduction to the different features in the Scopus database.

Exporting citations from Scopus to RefWorks

Are you having trouble exporting citations from Scopus into RefWorks?  If so, try this work-around.  Exporting your results as an RIS file often works when other options do not.

To export as RIS, first click on the export tab and then change the format to RIS.  (Note:  if you've tried to do a direct export to RefWorks and Scopus keeps defaulting to that format, try refreshing your browser).  This will create a file that RefWorks can more easily read.

To import into RefWorks

Are you using the new (blue) RefWorks?   To import an RIS file into the new RefWorks, log into RefWorks, then:

  1. Click the + sign (upper left area), and choose the middle option  “Import References:  Import from RefWorks, Mendeley or RIS format”. 
  2. When the next screen comes up, click on “select a file from your computer” (towards the bottom right). 
  3. Go into your Downloads file folder and locate the RIS file.
  4. Double click on it to send it to RefWorks (you can also drag the file into RefWorks, onto the area that says "select a file from your computer).
  5. It may ask about the format;  choose RIS from the drop-down menu
  6. All citations should upload!

If you’re using the legacy (orange) RefWorks, login to RefWorks, then:

  1. Click on References in the upper left area
  2. Choose “Import” 
  3. When the next screen comes up, change the top two drop-down boxes to RIS format. 
  4. Go into your Downloads file folder and locate the RIS file.
  5. Double click on it to send it to RefWorks.
  6. You should see your file show up in the RefWorks import screen.  When it does, click "Import."
  7. All citations should upload!


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