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Evidence Based Practice

This guide highlights principles and resources used in Evidence Based Practice for both medicine and nursing.

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Why EBP?

"Unfortunately, there is a large though variable gap between what we know from research and what we do in clinical practice.  Because so much research is published - some valid and some invalid - clinicians understandably are unaware of most of it, or do not have the 'tools' to assess its quality.  Researchers, on the other hand, may not understand the information needs of clinicians and often present their work in a way that is not easily accessible to busy practitioners.  In 1972, British epidemiologist Archie Cochrane highlighted the fact that most treament-related decisions were not based on a systematic review of clinical research.  Rather, they were based on an ad hoc selection of information from the vast and variable quality scientific literature, on expert opinion or, worst of all, on trial and error."

Excerpt from Evidence-Based Practice Workbook, 2nd ed. by Paul Glasziou, Chris Del Mar and Janet Salisbury.  Blackwell, 2007.

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