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Dissertation & Thesis Formatting

Checklist of Procedures Regarding Thesis and Dissertation Submission


Required Timeframe

1. File an Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar’s office. The Registrar’s office will send anticipated graduation letters to the Library.

Consult academic calendar

2. Obtain copyright permission for any materials you plan to adapt or reuse. This includes any of your own work which you have already published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

3. First appointment with the Dissertation/Thesis Coordinator (call 312-942-5950) to review your manuscript. A hard copy of your manuscript is required for this review. Electronic submissions must be approved in advance by the Library Director. At least three weeks prior to defense
4. Contact the Library to schedule a final approval appointment. The appointment itself (see step 6) will take place after your defense. Prior to defense
5. After thesis/dissertation has been approved by your committee, obtain Committee Chair and Program Director signatures on the Degree Approval form. After defense and prior to final approval appointment (step 6)
6. After your defense, meet with the Dissertation/Thesis Coordinator at your scheduled time (see step 4) for final approval of dissertation/thesis.  Bring the following to your appointment:
  1. Original copy of the approved thesis or dissertation on 25% rag bond paper (“resumé” paper), 20 lb. weight, in loose sheets (not stapled).  Leave signature fields on the approval, abstract, and copyright page blank.
  2. Signed approval page (for Registrar’s file) on any type of paper
  3. Signed abstract page (for Registrar’s file) on any type of paper
  4. Signed copyright statement (for Registrar’s file) on any type of paper
  5. Extra title page (on any type of paper)
  6. Extra abstract (on any type of paper)
  7. Completed Proquest Publishing Agreement.  Download the Proquest Dissertation Publishing Paper Submission Agreement.  Questions?  Take a look at the Quick Guide for assistance filling out this form.  
  8. Signed degree approval form.
  9. Money order or cashier’s check, covering all Proquest fees, payable to Proquest Information and Learning Company.  
  10. Five dollars in cash or a personal check payable to The Library of Rush University Medical Center for mailing charges
  11. Original copyright permission letters/emails, if applicable.

All paperwork must be submitted in its entirety at the final meeting.  If you are not able to submit the final paperwork in person; you should appoint a delegate to submit the paperwork and walk the degree approval form to the registrar’s office.

At least ten days before end of term, * to avoid delay in graduation.


*Students will not be seen after 11am on the final day of the term.

7. The Library will send the original thesis or dissertation to Proquest.  

8. After Proquest digitizes it, the bound thesis or dissertation will be returned to the Library along with a microfiche copy.  The Library will catalog it, add it to the collection and lend it on request.

9. The Library will bind additional copies at the current rate ($20.00) if requested.  You must supply the copies (any kind of paper) for binding. Copies are bound as received.  The Library does not check copies for accuracy and does not provide authorized signatures for signature pages.  Please contact the Technical Services Manager (312-942-2276) for more information.  You can also obtain bound copies from Proquest.  There are other commercial binders who can provide this service.  

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